Linux Bangalore/2003 Exhibition

OSS Expo
An exhibition of Linux ( Commercial and OpenSource ) products. The exhibition is aimed at bringing together both commercial and open-source products under one roof, to demonstrate their products to the expected 3000+ delegates.

The exhibition will be held on the 2nd , 3rd and 4th of December 2003.

Who can exhibit

Commercial and non-commercial ( OpenSource ) groups, Linux User Groups, groups having Open Source Initiatives etc.

What can be exhibited

Any Linux/OpenSource related product/initiative can be exhibited. The products can be commercial or non-commercial. The initiatives need to be focussing on Linux/OpenSource.


The expo will be at the prestigious National Science Seminar Complex (JN Tata auditorium), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The expo will be held within the auditorium premises over an area of 1500 sq. ft.

A sketch of the exhibition area within the Auditorium complex is given below. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Areas A, B and C

Exhibitor Benefits

Interaction with Delegates:

The visitors to LB/2003 cover a wide spectrum - from developers to decision makers, from beginners to gurus, from casual users to power users. The delegates visit Linux Bangalore/200x from all across the country and the globe.

You can interact with this wide range of delegates to leverage your presence in the growing Linux market.

A link to your company's/organisation's website will be put up on the list of confirmed stalls.

  • Commercial Product exhibitors:
    The Linux Bangalore/2003 expo acts as a platform for you to demonstrate your product to people that matter - "The expected 3000+ delegates, who are potential customers". You can also use the expo as a platform to project your company as a Linux solution/service provider.
  • OpenSource Product exhibitors:
    Use the Linux Bangalore/2003 expo as a platform to showcase your product to the delegates and decision makers. Your product will get more visibility than from having a website.
  • Linux User Groups:
    You can send a team of representatives from your LUG. You can showcase the initiatives that your LUG is undertaking and the support that you provide in your area. This helps in increased interaction among the various LUGs in India.
  • Linux / Open Source Initiatives:
    Get more people to know about your initiatives. Get more volunteers/members/ participants/sponsors for your initiative. In short the LB/2003 expo helps you in gaining acceptance in the Linux world.
Click here to see what the exhibitors of Linux Bangalore/2002 have to say about their participation.

Exhibition Facilities and Tariffs

The tariff for the stalls are shown in the table below.

Area Rate in INR Rate in USD
S Reserved for sponsors -
A (10' x 10') Rs.60,000 US$1,300
B Reserved for Open Source Projects -
C (10' x 8') Rs.40,000 US$900

The facilities provided in each stall will consist of:

  • One 3' x 1' conference table
  • Two standard conference chairs
  • Printing of your organization's name on the stall
  • Floor carpet
  • One power socket

Equipment such as machines, cables, wires, extra chairs, pinups etc. have to be arranged by you.

Also, if you want to setup anything additional or have fancy setups, the arrangements have to be made by you.

Terms and Conditions

  • All stall bookings are available on first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The stall will be confirmed only after the payment is received.
  • Payment details will be made available on request.


To participate as an exhibitor and to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

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