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Speaker Name Bijon B Shaha
Company Electronics Test & Development Centre, Goa
Talk Title Linux Standardisation: An Adventure in Eclecticism, Innovation & Discipline
Track Community
Scope Technical
Synopsis Although Linux started its journey with the legendary e-mail from Linus Torvalds where he was seeking the 'POSIX' standards,the threat of incompatibility and fragmentation still looms large over Linux for several reasons:

Multiplicity of competiting distributions
Open source code and freedom to modify
Very rapid development
Wide number of developers in different countries and backgrounds

Various approaches and solutions have been suggested from time to time by experts such as:

Create a single distribution that all the other distributions built on.
Standardize absolutely everything with little or no room for change from anywherer.
Just standardize the core functionality

The greatest challenge today is to bring the advantages of standardisation without stiffling innovation. Eclecticism combined with Innovation have been the source and lifeblood of Linux in its amazing history of growth and must be encouraged at all times..

There are several dimensions of standardisation: source standards that help in compilation, binary standards help in execution.

The presentation will focus on the these dimensions and approaches of standardisation that should give the assurance to the developers as well as the users that if a program is developed and tested on one version of a distro it would be safe to presume that it will work on other versions if they are standardised at the core functionality level.

Specifically, we will address the the source and binary levels standards including the methods of testings and certifications that will confirm the adherence to the standards of the Operationng System and Application Software.

They include the family of standards designated IEEE 1003 (POSIX) which are also the international standards ISO/IEC 9945,
the Open Group's the Single UNIX Specification, and the a set of binary standards for application programs known as Linux Standard Base(LSB). We will have a glimpse of the Certification Register of the Free Standards Groups. Many of the popular distributions like Redhat and Mandrake have their various versions certified under this scheme.
Speaker Profile The speaker is the Director of the Electronics Test and Development Centre, Goa (STQC Directorate, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology).
He holds Master's degree in Engineering from the Calcutta University and has about 30 years of experience spanning diverse areas such as Calibration, Environmental Testing, Laboratory Management and Information Technology. He is an empanelled lead assessor for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
He has been guiding industry through an number of modular Linux trainng programs at Goa and Pune for the last 3 years.
He has published more that 12 papers in journals and confereneces at national and international levels.
For the last two Linux Bangalore Conferences he has given presentations on applications of Linux.
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