Minutes of the BLUG Meet: June 2000


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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:19:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gandalf Mithrandir
Subject: [ilug-blr] June Meeting Minutes

The June 2000 ILUG - Bangalore meeting started off with a bang. We had a new
sponsor in Indus Valley, a division of Sunray Computers and they had
arranged for a magnificient and large hall for the meeting to take place.
Hotel Atria was certainly a change from our usual location at Hotal Ashraya.
For more details there are some photos available, please visit:


In addition, we had a theme for the meeting - Web Programming on Linux and
three interesting talks lined up from Biju Chacko, Gokul and Babu
Kalakrishnan. The whopper of the meeting of course was not just the
location. For the first time in the history of Linux India, a LUG meeting
had crossed the sacred number. Yes, the LUG Bangalore meeting attendence was
into 3 digits, we had crossed the hundred mark. The meeting had a
recorded attendence of 107 Linuxers. And yes, even before the meeting could
even start, the celebrations had already begun!

The meeting started off with Atul doing what he called "crib session", in
which some plain speaking regarding the nature of audience participation was
spelt out. As you would have noticed on the lists, the mails flying around
indicate that there is a large pool of latent talent within our LUG that
needs to come forward and present stuff to the LUG as a whole.

The first item on the agenda done, Atul also completed a small intro into
how the theme for the meeting was arrived at. Biju Chacko then took over.
Using a rather informal and wholesome {!} presentation approach, Biju
rotundly {!} covered most of the points that dealt with the issues at hand
regarding Web programming on the Linux platform. Overall in a fine
presentation, he spelt out many of the issues that the LUG needs to handle
in order to effectively present Linux as a platform. His slides are
available at:


Gokul then took over to introduce the LUG to some elements of Web
programming using MySQL, Perl and PHP3. In a complete hacker style
presentation he walked in with just his concepts and hacked togther some
scripts that showed off the capabilities of using both Perl and PHP3 to talk
to a database. He was able to compare and contrast the approaches, although
some niggling problems did cause a few headaches to him here and there.
He has promised to post the appropriate code to the list.

Finally, Babu Kalakrishnan took to the podium with a talk on Servlets and
Java Servlet programming, especially with respect to the Apache's efforts in
this regard. His presentation was free ranging and covered issues right from
the importance of an open source entity being entrusted by Sun with such a
project right up to actual configuration of files and creation of code.

Naim then took to the stage to thank the sponsors for the facilities and
support that they gave us and wound up the meeting. Finally, with a lot more
discussion and some more chatting, we took a break amidst the snacks
provided. Till we meet again.


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