Minutes for the January 2002 BLUG meet

The venue was Fedral Technologies ka terrace. Meeting was supposed to start at 17:30 hrs although it did start off-icially, at 18:15,

The small crowd of 30-35 finally took their places commanded by Atul's whistle. Went through the registration as fast as possible. Atul opened the evening.

There was good news for the volunteers of Linux Bangalore/2001, after taking up the matter with HP, they consented to give some thing to all the volunteers. Each volunteer got a deserving Gift Voucher from Fabmart. Mahendra started giving out the vouchers but only two guys had shown up. ( Most of the volunteers had their semester exams, so they could not turn up for the meet ).

There was only one talk for the evening:

So, started a Funda "Dope on Zope" talk by Kiran.J.C.

Zope is an Open Source scripting language written using Python. It comes with web server, RDBMS etc. Zope could be used for creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications. Basically its really good to use zope when we have lot of dynamic contents, ideal for portals. Zope has built-in features such as search engine & makes Personalization, and e-commerce into your web applications really smooth.

The talk went well, then came Q&A. Basically, it was a duo between Hanish and Kiran Oh! not to forget Atul for his wrap-up. Then Atul suggested we have a general Q&A, where, a question about terminal X-servers was the main issue. When all the Qs got their As, Atul made a call for volunteers to write the minutes of the BLUG meets. This was because our long time minutes writer, Madhu Kurup, had migrated to the US. Everyone sensed that, somebody would be volunteered, when all of a sudden, Nivedita Deshpande volunteered to write the minutes. ( First time, somebody volunteering for something in the BLUG. Way to go !! )

It was time to eat...:-) There was more food than mouths so everybody got to hog along with their techi talks.

By this time it was around 20:30 and it was time to leave.

Folks Till next time..

Enjoy linuxing


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