The August 25th Meet/Party: Details

Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:36:05 +0530 (IST)
From: Atul Chitnis 
Subject: The August 25th Meet/Party: Details


This is it.

We meet at 6pm on Saturday, August 25th, at the Convention Hall, First
floor, Hotel Ashoka, Kumara Krupa Road, Highgrounds, Bangalore 1.

To get there, get to the road leading to Windsor Manor (past the golf
course on the left and Le Meridian on the right), turn left at the signal
just before the Windsor bridge, keep left, go down the road - Ashoka is on
the right.

We start at 6pm, and end at 8:30.

The agenda is:

- Intro Ramble/Birthday ramble
- Linux - The Past, The Present and The Future
- BLUG Event Announcement
- Misc stuff
- Snacks, socialising, impromptu entertainment.

The meet/Party is sponsored by

FedTec Technologies
The IPv6 Forum
SAP Labs
Exocore Consulting

at Rs.5,000 each. We are grateful to the sponsors for helping us make this
happen. Sponsors are requested to be at the hall by 5:30pm to get their
banner up.

While we have just enough sponsorship, we are imposing a token cover
charge to cover incidentals and to prevent gatecrashing - Rs.30 each for
the 100-odd people who registered with,
Rs.60 each for guests and walk-ins.

Please pay the amount at entrance of the hall. If you have registered,
give your email address to the person manning the desk, and s/he will
check the list. If you are on it, pay Rs.30, if you are not, pay Rs.60.
Please cooperate.

Press people need to identify themselves (accreditation/press card) so
that we can hand over the press kit as well. (Press kits for press only -
rest of you folks, the stuff will be on the web by Monday).

When seated, please leave first row free for press and any

Please be polite and to the point when answering questions - mindless
advocacy and Windows/MS bashing presents a bad picture.

The gig will end with light snacks. Smoking inside the hall is prohibited.
You can smoke outside the hall, but please remember that at least one of
us stopped smoking 2 months, 16 days, 14 hours and 31 minutes ago, and
that the sight/smell of anyone smoking is sheer agony....



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