The Linux Birthday Party: August 25th, 2001

Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 15:32:02 +0530 (IST)
From: Atul Chitnis 
Subject: August meeting details, birthday party


As Sacrificial Goat (SG) Biju is getting married on the 18th (and has
other things on his mind) and because our Backup SG Mahendra has got exams
on his mind, I am making this announcement:

1. August 25th (that is *next* Saturday) will be the regular monthly
   meeting of the BLUG.

2. We normally meet at FedTech's office, but this time, we *may* have to
   look for another place, for reasons that will follow.

3. August 25th is Linux's 10th Birthday
   (/articles/bday.html), and the BLUG will
   celebrate this occassion in the following manner:

   - eat, drink and be merry
   - invite press to attend the meet

4. To accommodate the press and visitors, and to give them something to
   write about, we will be departing from our usual technical talks, and
   will instead do a "state of the union" kind of presentation, talking
   about the past, present and future of Linux, including the status of
   Linux in India, complete with statistics, recent figures, graphs, etc.
   This presentation will be made in 3 parts:

   - The History of Linux : A Programmers Journey to excellence
     (Madhu Kurup) 15-20 minutes

   - Linux Today : Where Linux stands, who uses it, how and why
     (Atul Chitnis) 15-20 minutes

   - Future Technology : Where Linux is going, and why
     (Gopi Garge) 15-20 mins

   Writeups will be handed out to the press, and will also appear on the
   BLUG's website.

5. The highlight of the evening - the official announcement of
   Linux Bangalore/2001. The dates are now fixed to steer clear of
   any exams, corporate inductions or other IT Events in Bangalore. We
   promise you will like what we have come up with so far.

6. Light(?) entertainment is a possibility. Mrinal is looking into this.
   If you can sing or play an instrument, let me know privately.

The press is going to be especially curious to know what the BLUG is all
about, what kind of members it has, how well-behaved (hint, hint!;) they
are, whether it is true that none of them ever bathe, are pale beings who
have never seen the sun and wear only torn clothes... (more hints!;)

And if they see that we are all normal people, *then* they will focus on
the content of the evening, which is *exceptionally* good for Linux! ;-)

As there is a possibility of TV coverage, rehearse some lines such as
answers to "Why is Linux important?", "Why do you use Linux?", etc.

***NO*** MS/Windows/etc. bashing allowed!

I'd say "No Gate(s) crashing either" but that would be superfluous. ;-)

Since we expect more than the usual 60-80 people to show up, it is quite
apparent that we cannot meet on FedTec's rooftop this time. We are now
contemplating other venues, including hotels with large halls.
Provisionally, we have zeroed in on Hotel Ashok, which has a large hall
available. None of our regular haunts are available.

This is going to be expensive, so we are soliciting contributions.

FedTec has just committed Rs.5,000 (THANKS!!!!!!), Exocore commits another

Anyone else coming forward? We anticipate expenses of at least
Rs.25-30,000 (Ashoka charges Rs.150+29% tax per head, i.e. about Rs.200),
so that leaves another 20,000 to be raised (assuming about 150 people
attending). If you want to sponsor (one standard sized sponsor banner per
sponsor will be allowed, sponsor provides banner), write to
"". If we end up with extra cash, it will
be returned to the sponsors in a pro-rated manner.

In case the additional money cannot be raised, members arriving will be
asked to pay a pr-orated difference. Come with Rs.200 in the pocket,
though it is very unlikely that you will have to spend it.

Because of the cost, it is important for us to get a fix on how many
people will be attending. So read this, this is important:

- If you ARE attending the meet on August 25th, please send a *blank* mail

  (not to potential spammers - this address will be active only for a few
   days, and will not be read, only counted/registered, then sent to

- If you are *NOT* planning to attend, do nothing.

- If you register but do not show up, we are going to carefully note this
  fact and send a few friends with hockeysticks to your house. Your names
  will then be added to the official wall of shame page on the website.

Please be gentle with us - we know that this is not an optimal way of
doing things (in reality, we should just send our friends with the
hockeysticks around and collect the money from everyone ;). Please help us
make this a success by being there, cooperating financially if required,
and presenting a great picture to the press and visitors.

What we really look forward to is seeing a lot of the names we see on the
lists associated with faces! Name tags (of some form) will be provided.
Possibility of a symbolic cake, take-aways from any other sponsors, etc...

This is an exceptionally important meeting/occassion for us, hence I
request *everyone* to make it to the meeting, to show our strength to the
world, as well as to participate in the upcoming activities, and generally
to have a good time.

And to let the world know just why

           L I N U X   R O C K S   I N   B A N G A L O R E !

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