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The BLUG is one of the largest and most active LUGs in India with over 1000 members on its lists, large attendances at all the monthly meets and a host of other Linux related activities all the year around. Such activity is truly indicative of the BLUG being a large organisation.

Like any large organisation, the BLUG needs to have one important component to symbolise it....and that is


This is an opportunity to all you graphics experts out there to get moving. Put your creative talents to work and design a logo for the BLUG by participating in the "BLUG Logo Campaign".

If your logo is selected as the final one, the BLUG will acknowledge you as the creator of the BLUG logo.

Rules for creating the Logo

  • The Logo has to be representative of the BLUG. The logo should reflect the BLUG brand - "Linux Bangalore" or "Bangalore Linux Users Group".
  • It has to be easy to reproduce
  • It has to be exciting and different and unique. Use your own creativity.
  • The logo will be printed on T-Shirts/Caps/letterheads etc. Please keep this in mind when designing the Logo.
  • The logo will be primarily used on a white background. If it suits other backgrounds also, then it would be a plus point.
  • Use any tool to create it - OpenSource/Commercial.
  • We want to use your logo in different formats and different sizes. i.e it should look great in all formats and sizes.
  • It should look good in grayscale too.

  • To avoid simple variations on a theme, which would result in a lot of similar logos that do not really differentiate themselves, we are also putting down a rule that the standard 'sitting Tux' image cannot be used - if Tux is used, he should be 'different' - an example of which you can see at

    (Also, we cannot register a logo that includes a copyrighted image)

Participation Rules

  • You can send in more than one entry.
  • The decision on the best logo will be made by the Linux Bangalore managers.
  • The Linux Bangalore managers will not be allowed to participate in the campaign
  • All logos, once submitted, belong to the BLUG. The BLUG will have full rights over all logos submitted as part of the campaign.
  • Any form of canvassing will cause the entry to be disqualified.

Once you are done, you need to generate the logo in any one of the following formats.

  • Formats : GIF/PNG/JPG/BMP
  • Resolution : Any size that you feel suitable. This is only for shortlisting the final one. If your logo is selected as "the One", then you should be able to send us your logo in any format/size that we ask for.

Mail your entry/entries to logo at linux-bangalore dot org along with the following details.

Name :
Contact Address :
Phone No :
Email Address:

Important Date

  • 22nd September - Last date for submission of logos


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