The Meeting Cover Charge FAQ

  1. Why does the BLUG charge for meeting attendance?

    Because we hold meetings in places where they charge for food. Linux may be free, but food, hall-space, projectors, screens, etc. aren't.

  2. Why don't we ask sponsors to cover the costs?

    We used to do that, but realised that this was non-productive. The covercharge also acts as a filter, making sure that only interested people attend.

    Sponsors also tend to ask for their pound of flesh, which at times can be quite unreasonable (such as detailed information about people who attend, email addresses, etc. - which violates our Privacy Policy)

  3. Woah! Is the BLUG *against* sponsors?

    Heck, not at all! We *love* sponsors - but for specific events. For monthly meetings, it is too much trouble to chase sponsors and get them to cough up. ;-)

  4. Can't we save money by having the meeting at some company's conference room? We used to do that, but it caused some people to stay away. The IT business is very competitive, and despite the best intentions, some employers are uncomfortable with their people attending meetings at a competitor's place. ;-)

  5. The amount is very high!

    Sadly, the Rupee isn't worth what it used to be. Rs.100 (the typical cover charge) buys you less today than Rs.10 used to a few years ago.

    Also, we hold our meetings in places where the quality and quantity of the food is very good, and where the covercharge also includes the cost of the hall.

  6. I am a poor student and can't afford this

    The "poor student" excuse was overused in the late 20th century. You'd have to spend an equivalent or higher amount for an evening out. BLUG meets give you knowledge, fun and great food.

    Also be aware that a majority of our members are now salaried professionals, not students. They all were students once, though. ;-)

  7. How much does the BLUG make off this?

    Nothing. The amount collected is usually less than the amount spent - the shortfall is usually made up for by generous members on the spot.

  8. Will you take credit cards/cheques/etc.?

    No. In $deity we trust, rest strictly cash.

  9. I don't plan to eat - can I attend the meet without paying?

    No. If you attend the meet, you are expected to pay the cover-charge. It isn't just for the food, as explained above - we also have to pay for other facilities at the meet (screen, microphones, etc.). We always pay more than is collected - so every little bit helps keeping things manageable.

    And in any case, we are charged for number of heads in the hall. If you are in the hall, we have to pay for you, whether you have paid or not.

  10. Any exceptions to the rules?


    • Children whose ages add up to less than 10 years, come in free. If you have two children, one 6 years old and one 4 years old (total 10), you have to pay for one head. If you bring one child aged 9, she comes in free.

    • If you have two heads, you will be charged for each head.

    • If you are two-faced, you pay only for the one you are wearing at the meet.

    • If you suffer from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), you pay only for the dominant personality.

    • If you are schizophrenic you pay, but your voices come in free.


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