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October BLUG Meet: Cancelled
[21-Oct-2003 08:15AM]

Since Friday, the 24th of Oct is Diwali and it is a long weekend, the attendance at the BLUG meet would not be very encouraging! In view of this the October BLUG meet is cancelled.

August Meet - Linux's 12th B'Day Party
[16-Aug-2003 08:35PM]

The August meet will be on the 24th (Sunday). We shall celebrate Linux's 12th Birthday. To get all the details rush to the August BLUG Meet page.

BLUG Logo campaign
[01-Aug-2003 09:29PM]

The BLUG Logo campaign webpage is up. Visit for all the details.

July Meet: Embedded and Real Time Linux
[21-Jul-2003 07:34AM]

The July 2003 BLUG meet will be held on Friday, 25th July 2003. The theme of meet will be "Embedded and Real Time Linux". For more details click here.

June BLUG Meet: Linux Development IDEs
[27-Jun-2003 01:22PM]

The June 2003 BLUG meet will be held on Friday, 27th June 2003. The theme of meet will be "Linux Development IDEs". For more details click here.

May 2003 Meet: Opensource Databases
[21-May-2003 08:46PM]

The May 2003 BLUG meet, happening on Friday, 23-May-2003, is themed "Opensource Databases" and has a long list of interesting talks lined up. Check out the details by clicking here.

BLUG Meet on April 25th
[23-Apr-2003 12:03AM]

This month's BLUG meet will be held on April 25th 2003 and focuses on Wireless Networking under Linux

Venue/Talk Details/Speaker Profiles etc can be found here.

BLUG Meet on March 28th
[26-Mar-2003 02:21PM]

This month's BLUG meet will be held on March 28th 2003 and will focus on Localisation.

All of you who have been wanting to help with localisation and didn't know how... this is the meet for you! There will also be an update on IndLinux and demo of Indic support under Linux.

More details/speaker info etc can be found here.

LFY publishes wrong info about BLUG
[22-Mar-2003 10:21PM]

The March 2003 issue of "Linux For You" correctly mentions this website's URL, but a completely wrong address for the BLUG mailing lists. The correct information about the BLUG mailing lists is available here.

Linus Speaks on SCO vs. IBM ...
[11-Mar-2003 01:51PM]

In an Interview to Linus gives his views on the lawsuit... You can find a mirror of the article here as the MozillaQuest servers seem to be down currently.

The original article should be available here once their server comes back up.

January 2003 Meet
[28-Jan-2003 04:39PM]

This months meet will be held on Friday, January 31st at Hotel Ashraya

Details of the meet (speakers, venue etc.) can be found here.

There will be a cover charge of Rs.100(One Hundred).

January meeting
[11-Jan-2003 11:32AM]

The January 2003 meeting will be on 31-Jan-2003, not 24-Jan-2003. Details of the meet will appear on the BLUG mailing lists and this website over the next week.

LB/2002 is over
[09-Dec-2002 02:43PM]

And what an event it was! Details, photos, reports, slideshows, etc will be available online soon, so keep checking!

Linux Bangalore/2002 CDRS Open!!!
[12-Nov-2002 11:56AM]

The LB/2002 Conference Delegate Registration System is now open! Head there *now* to register yourself!

LB/2002 official site is up
[25-Oct-2002 03:18AM]

The LB/2002 Website is now up! Go have a look!

BLUG Meet on Oct. 25th.
[24-Oct-2002 05:04PM]

This months BLUG meet will focus on High Availability Linux Systems and will be held on Friday 25th October 2002 at Hotel Ashraya International.

Details of the meet (speakers, venue, talk details etc.) can be found here.

There will be a cover charge of Rs.100. (This will reduce if we get sponsors for the meet.)

Anyone interested in sponsoring the meet may contact the BLUG Co-Ordinator

BLUG Meet on Sept. 27th
[16-Sep-2002 05:47PM]

This months meet will be held on Friday, September 27th at Hotel Ashraya and will focus on Encryption/Cryptography.

Details of the meet (speakers, venue etc.) can be found here.

There will be a cover charge of Rs.100(One Hundred). [This will reduce if we get sponsors for the meet.)

Anyone interested in sponsoring the meet may contact the BLUG Co-Ordinator

Linux Bangalore/2002 announced
[27-Aug-2002 11:32PM]

This year's premier Linux event - Linux Bangalore/2002 - was announced on August 25th.

Details are forthcoming, but for preliminary information and the press release, head for the LB/2002 site!

And stay tuned!

BLUG Annual Day on 25th August
[21-Aug-2002 08:55PM]

This years Annual BLUG meet will be held at 1800 Hrs, August 25th at Hotel Ashok (Near. Golf Course)

The theme for the meet will be 'Linux Milestones 2001-2002' and we will be taking a look at the major events/achivements in the year gone by. We have proposed some Areas. Request people to send in suggestions for areas that can be covered as part of the "Linux Milestones 2001-2002" Talk. We are also looking for Speakers who can talk on any of the below mentioned areas ( or any that might be suggested ).

Of course, like last year Linux-Bangalore/2002 preparations will officially commence. The management team will give an overview of what is planned for the event to be held from 3rd-5th December 2002.


Date: Sunday 25th August, 2002
Time: 1800 Hrs
Venue: Chanukya, Hotel Ashok (Nr. Golf Course)


  • 'Linux Milestones 2001-2002' - A look at Linux in the year gone by.

    Areas/Topics Proposed

    • Government
    • Business
    • Entertainment Industry
    • Airline Industry
    • Clusters and SuperComputing

  • 'Linux Bangalore/2002' - Official Launch of Preparations.
    • Plans for the Linux Bangalore/2002 Conference.
    • Timeline and Venue
    • Call for Sponsorship

The cover charge for the meet will be Rs.100/-(Rs. One Hundred) per person.

The party will end with the usual heavy snacks (some call it dinner) and possible surprise items.

BLUG Annual Day - August 25th
[13-Aug-2002 03:40PM]

The BLUG celebrates its Annual Day on August 25th, in conjunction with Linux's Birthday.

This year too, we have our "Grand Gala" - the party for all BLUGgers. Details will appear here soon. Discussions are going on now on the linux-bangalore-non-tech mailing list.

BTW - the minutes for the July 2002 meet are now available.

BLUG Meet on August 2nd, 2002
[29-Jul-2002 07:28PM]

Venue: Hotel Ashraya International, Infantry Road (opp. Police Commissioner's Office)

Hall: Shambhavi (beside reception)

Time: 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM

Theme: IPv6

  • Introduction to IPv6

    Talk By

    • Kalyan Varma & Manu Bhardwaj

    This talk will cover ...

    • Intro to IPv6 (features/addressing format etc)
    • Enabling and setting up IPv6 on Linux
    • Demo of network services running IPv6
  • Importance of Linux to IPv6

    Talk By

    • Atul Chitnis Gopi Garge

    IPv6 is today at a stage where Linux was a couple of years ago - ready for action, but awaiting adoption. This talk addresses how Linux will be important to IPv6 in the adoption phase.

As usual .. meet will end with snacks, socialising etc ..

July BLUG Meet Postponed.
[26-Jul-2002 03:28AM]

The BLUG meet focussing on IPv6 scheduled to have been held on 27th July 2002 has been postponed due to non-availability of the venue.

The meet will now be held on 2nd August 2002(Friday)

BLUG June 2002 Meet
[29-Jun-2002 08:07AM]

Details of the June meeting of the Bangalore Linux Users Group.

Date: Saturday June 29 2002

Time : 6:30pm-8:30pm

Venue : Hotel Ashraya International, Infantry Road, Opposite Police Commissioner's Office

Hall : Shambhavi (beside reception)

Cover charge is Rs.20/head.

Theme : Gnome 2.0

  • What's new in Gnome 2.

    Talk By

    • Kiran Jonnalagadda

    This will cover the changes in Gnome and include a demo of the new environment.

  • Gnome2 development.

    Talks By

    • Hema Seetharamaiah
    • Shivram Upadhyayula

    GNOME 2.0 APIs, differences between 1.4 and 2.0 (at a Programmer's level),

    Hema and Shivram are developers of Gnome 2.0 from Wipro

As usual the meet will end with snacks and socialising.

New Coordinator
[19-Jun-2002 11:52AM]

Our BLUG coordinator Mahendra joined Infosys and moved to Pune, and hence Kingsly John took charge during the May 31st meet.

Kingsly and his team will be responsible for taking the BLUG through a year that promises to be eventful - including LB/2002. Since he was one of the managers of LB/2001, we can expect that he will do a good job of things.

The minutes for the meeting of the 31st should be up soon, along with slides and photographs. Sorry for the delay.

BLUG May 2002 Meet: Details
[25-May-2002 12:04PM]

The details of the May meeting of the Bangalore Linux User Group are as follows:

Date : Friday, 31-May

Time : 6:00pm-8:30pm

Venue : Hotel Ashraya International, Infantry Road, Opposite Police Commissioner's Office

Hall : Shambhavi (beside reception)

Charge : Rs.25/head (assuming that the meet is sponsored)

Agenda : Linux Bangalore/2002 : The opening brief
What, who, how, where, when, why, etc.

The idea behind the LB/2002 brief is to get the BLUG to decide on what we want to do this year, how wide the scope will be, exhibition or not, target audience, local/national/international, etc.

If you are interested in being part of this event, this would be a good time to make your voice heard.

Talk : Digital Photography under Linux Supported cameras, applications, tips and tricks Atul Chitnis and others

(If you own a digital still camera, please bring it for the meet.)

Extra : One more item (To be announced during the meet)

Food : Meet will end with heavy snacks and tea/coffee.

Note : Because we only managed to get the smaller hall this time, things may be a wee bit cramped. Don't let that put you off - this hall has been witness to some of the BLUG's greatest moments!

Press : Press is welcome to attend. Please send mail to to pre-register yourself and to allow us to send you a press kit after the meet.

Discuss : All discussions about this meet in

See you all there!

Change in meet date and timings
[22-Apr-2002 12:10AM]

From April 2002 onwards the BLUG meetings will be held on the 4th Friday of every month at 5:30pm. ( Till date the meetings were held on the 4th Saturday of every month at 6:00pm )

In accordance to this, the April 2002 meet will be on Friday 26 April 2002.

Click here for the meet details.

Theme for April 2002 meet
[22-Apr-2002 12:09AM]

The theme for the April 2002 meet is -

Running Windows® Applications in Linux

Click here to find out all the details about the meet.

BLUG Theme meet
[21-Mar-2002 12:11AM]

The March 2002 BLUG meet will be held on the 23rd of March 2002.

The Theme for this meet will be "Clustering in Linux".

Click here for the details.

Theme for the month
[03-Mar-2002 11:29PM]

In view of the upcoming Linux Bangalore/2002, the BLUG has decided to have a Theme for every month.

A Theme will be decided upon for almost every month. At that month's BLUG meeting, talks and demos will be conducted in accordance with the Theme for that month.

This will help the BLUG to be ready with talks and speakers for LB/2002. It will also help the speakers to prepare for their talks at LB/2002.

The Theme for March is "Clustering".
The details of the meet will be put up here soon.

LB/2001 done - on to LB/2002!
[15-Dec-2001 02:54PM]

Well, that's it! LB/2001 is a done thing, and (even if we have to say so ourselves) this was by far the biggest and most successful Linux event *ever* in India.

Now, while the managers of the event take care of the loose ends, everyone's minds reach out to the next episode in this saga of Linux community growth in India - Linux Bangalore/2002 (already fondly referred to as "LB/2")!

For those of you who missed the fun - hop across here to check out photos and reports that will become available over the next week.

Fabmart promotes LB/2001, discounts!
[05-Dec-2001 04:35PM]

A while back, Fabmart had requested the Linux community to send in suggestions so that they could build a comprehensive list of Linux books.

This list is now up, complete with promotion of Linux Bangalore/2001, and (dig this!) 20% discount on all Linux books between the 7th and 15th of December!

If you have ever been asked "What book should I refer for Linux?", then this is the place to go! Thanks, Fabmart!

Getting ready for Linux Bangalore/2001
[05-Dec-2001 12:57PM]

An update for those of you who just look at the frontpage of this site :-)

Preps for Linux Bangalore/2001 are now officially in "stone-in-ant-hill-mode" - if you see groups of people rushing around, looking extremely busy, then there is a good chance that they are from the BLUG.

With our website groaning under hits from all over the world as the media starts its coverage, and websites start reporting, the focal point of everyone's attention is now on the talk schedules. Have you had a look yet?

[28-Nov-2001 12:42AM]

OKOKOK - we got the hint ;-) Endless number of people have been writing to us, complaining that the BLUG site is now so big that we need a search. So we added one. You will find the field at the bottom of each page.

[28-Nov-2001 12:41AM]

OKOKOK - we got the hint ;-) After endless number of people writing in that the BLUG site is now so big that we need a search, we added one. You will find the field at the bottom of each page.

Changing of the Guard
[05-Nov-2001 02:14PM]

At the meet on November 3rd, BLUG Sacrificial Goat Biju Chacko formally handed over charge to the BLUG's new coordinator - Mahendra.

Mahendra was appointed by a unique process called "election by finger pointing" - everyone pointed at the guy they thought would make the best coordinator.

Many thanks to Biju, who saw the BLUG through some seriously turbulent times for almost 18 months.

Mahendra is the BLUG's 6th coordinator, after Viveklakshman Baindoor, K.Dakshinamurthy, Jessica Prabhakar, Atul Chitnis and Biju Chacko. We wish him the best of luck (and boy! will he need it? ;-)

Information about the December Event
[03-Nov-2001 04:02PM]

Information is now being made available about our big December 2001 event - click here to check it out and to participate!

Invitation to Code Odyssey
[12-Sep-2001 12:42AM]

We have been invited to attend the Code Odyssey organised by IBM, a journey to the cutting edge of Open Standards technologies from where you will get a view of the future of Web services, Linux and Pervasive Computing.

Make sure that you register! The event is on Friday, 21st September - Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore.

How to ask Smart Questions
[08-Sep-2001 12:32PM]

Check out this article by Eric Raymond and Rick Moen about asking questions on mailing lists. If you ever failed to get an answer, or are just planning to ask a few questions, you should read this first!

What a party!
[27-Aug-2001 06:56PM]

The minutes of the meeting for the August meet/party are now up! Tons of photographs as well!

More information about the announced mondo-major Linux event in December will be available soon at

Update: The slideshow we used is now also up. Click here.

Linux 10th Anniversary Party!
[07-Aug-2001 04:28PM]

The August BLUG meet happens to be on Saturday, the 25th of August - the day Linux officially turns 10 years old! (Click here for more details)

Therefore, the BLUG will be in party mode for that meet.

The official announcement of the big Linux event for the year will also go out during this meet.

Updated 24-Aug 04:16pm: Here are the details of the meet/party, along with instructions on how to get there.

July Meet photos now up
[02-Aug-2001 05:56PM]

The photos of the July Meet are now available here.

Check 'em out!

Update: The missing/corrupted meeting minutes pages and photos from earlier meets have been restored and can be seen here.

Minutes of the July meet now available
[01-Aug-2001 06:22PM]

The minutes of the highly enjoyable July 2001 BLUG meet are now available. Hop across to Meetings Page to read them. Photographs and slide show copies should be available soon.

Mailing lists renamed, new list added
[01-Aug-2001 06:19PM]

The BLUG mailing lists have been renamed from "ilug-bangalore-*" to "linux-bangalore-*". This was done to make the focus of the lists clearer.

Of course, the combination of the two hottest names in the business ("Linux" and "Bangalore") can't hurt either. ;-)

We have also added a new mailing list - linux-bangalore-programming to cater to the many Linux developers in the BLUG.

More details about the various lists can be found here.

BLUG site updated
[01-Aug-2001 06:15PM]

As you must have noticed, we now have a slightly updated site for the BLUG, complete with a new domain -

Comments in the non-tech mailing list, please.


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