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  • Naba Kumar

    Thanks for organizing such a great event. That was really a Hit! And those photographs from Atul were great. I will also be soon posting up the photographs I took.

  • Ravi Pratap M

    Just wanted to thank all the organizers and everybody out there at the conference which made it such a terrific place to be :-) I really had a great time and interacting with all you guys and girls - I seriously had the best conference of my life :-) Thanks so much for everything - your hospitality, your cheerful demeanour and everything else !

  • Surjodas

    I certainly did enjoy the event, even though I attended sadly only on the final day as I was not in Bangalore for the first 2 days. I even had nightmares about not being able to make it to Bangalore on the final day and worst of all not showing up to present my talk and then getting flamed ! But, I made it all the same ! The closing session really inspired me for next year. Some of the . . .

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  • Guntupalli Karunakar

    I would like to thank the organisers, managers, volunteers + sponsors for such an informative event and giving me an opportunity to talk on stage for first time. Also it was a good common ground for diff localisation teams to meet and discuss. Thanks Sorry Mahendra for taking up half ur talk time (Biju was constantly reminding me abt time (I was not wearing a watch) finally It took Biju & mahendra to push me off stage , when they came in to announce the BoF session)

  • Kedarnath S

    First of all my hats off to all you guys for having such a wonderful event I probably learnt more in these 3 days than in my 4 years of engineering. The talks were superb. I especially liked the ones on bandwidth management implementation of IPv6 by Mr.Gopi Garge, enterprise databases in linux by Mr. Gurunandhan Bhat. The talk on PHP by Mr. Tarique Sani were simply superb. I know you guys have had a lot of appreciation.

  • Pradyumna Sampath

    Wasnt this great!!
    Kudos to Mahendra, all the managers and volunteers!!
    So here goes my report!!

    I happened to be one of the volunteers at the LB/2001 and now I regret why I ever Volunteered... ;-). We all had a great time in LB/2001.The most of the time we were running around the place trying to get machines to the halls. Well there were instances where there was a speaker in the hall with a jam packed audience and no machine to project his . . .

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  • Vinu Balaji

    I wish in LB/2002 they will be more. Yeah! want more in LB/2002...talks should not be therotical..may be practical demos like the one we had for vmware where that we could have demo for starting up or doing certain things in linux...may be some tips by linux gurus..i.e it should be focused more practically..and not those ones like lectures in a college..more ideas to come.... just suggesting!!!

  • Dr.K.S.Sangunni

    The conference went like a clock work after a hiccup at registration counter. Though registered, we had to wait more than an hour. But other wise all the speakers were very conscious of the time. I noticed that the grouping of the subjects was done very scientifically. I have not seen this kind of pain taking exercise in any of the scientific meetings that I attended. Mix is so good. I attended all the talks that fascinated me. As a user and I am benefited and now you have set a trend that next meeting has to be better than this. It is a big task.

  • N K Sundaram

    Hello managers,volunteers and others who made it happen,
    It was really a great show as atul told that day. I know it will be a really difficult thing to repeat, but we should try. Well a thing or two about my experiences, . . .

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  • Munish Biddappa

    Dear ...everyone??!!!,

    I really enjoyed LB/2001. Everything was arranged very well and the topics chosen was very good too. I liked Atul' story about some company for whom they had set up a mail server on a 386 (or was it a 486) and even though everyone was logging on to the mail server no one really knew where it was (it was supposedly under the staircase!!).....That was a good one..

    We should defintely have LB/2002 and even if funding is a problem all the LUG members should try and make the next event possible.

  • Rati Naren

    It was a funda & fun rolled into one kind of affair. We must give it to you guys ~E.. It was very well organized. The seminars were good & very informative. Among the lectures I attended, I liked the one on Virtual Memory. The way the speaker put across his stuff was good. The talk on IPC by Mr. Jagan was refreshing and the talk on TUNTAP by a young college student could be described as very professional. The one on the device drivers by Hanish Menon was "hard core techni". (I am going to try & write a driver one of these days.) . Some of the other lectures needed a bit of preparation or experience from the audience's side. On the whole it was like a 3 day orientation course & I guess all of us have gained something here.

  • Harish Thota


    I could only attend LB/2001 Day 0 (the day before) and Day 1. But the memories will really last. Here are some memories that I could think of:

    1. On Sunday, me and other volunteer Srikanth went to Jessie's house to get her 3 computers to the venue. We carried all of them down 3 floors along with Kingsly, fitted . . .

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  • Frederick Noronha

    No great piece of literature this... just for those who might not have the inclination to visit the website... FN

    PS: Apologies for the references which might not make sense for a readership outside Goa. To explain insufficiently, Paulo is a local privately run bus service owned by the family of a former MLA . . .

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  • Ravi Rao


    Sorry to write in this late -- I promptly broke my leg on returning from BLR, and hence the delay.

    Thanks first of all to the organisers for the lovely time I had at LB/2001. Special mention to Ravi Pratap M (RPM) for everything. Just checked out some of the pictures online. I have pictures of stuff myself on my regular camera -- Will work on that sometime. Naba, can you point a URL at your pix too sometime, please?

    Seeya guys next year!

  • Some Suggestions

    Some tips that can make it better in 2002

    1. schedule it on a fri sat and sunday ( frankly i applied personal leave)
    2. more on application software and enterprise level solutions,databases and Linux as a development platform( I am sorry if I have missed to attend them)
    3. More talks to enable users to migrate from windows( personally I am working on windows platform and want to migrate to linux platform but certain jargon like "compile the kernel" etc seem very scary to help such lesser mortals like me)
    4. More on how anybody can contribute towards such an event or a group thanks for having such a great event three cheers for all you guys

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